Bulga tote...help me pick a color

  1. I'd go with the nude, it'll match everything.
  2. Definately the nude...
  3. Another vote for the nude. Apart from it being gorgeous, just think about it, a light-colored worry-free bag!!!
  4. Nude. The brown color looks more like black.
  5. Agreed, go with the nude.
  6. hmm...I was leaning toward the brown but the vote from you ladies seems the nude. I'll wait 30 more mins. Does ANYONE prefer the brown?
  7. I ordered the nude. I'll take pics as soon as I get it. Thanks!!
  8. Nude
  9. brown...i'm not a fan of the nude...sorry!
  10. i like brown more!
  11. i love the nude
  12. Nude, although *normally* I like darker colors.
  13. Definitely the brown. The nude looks kind of bland.
  14. nude. it's blandly sexy!