Bulga tote for $117 at revolve + another 25% off!

  1. Someone was very lucky :sad:
  2. Dang, I missed it! I've always wanted a Bulga.
  3. darn. this wouldve made a good tote to go to my classes -.-
  4. ugly bag!
  5. Yeah, they have been trying to sell that for awhile! I have seen it marked down at other sales. It is not to my taste. Maybe for toting paperwork, but not as a bag to me.
  6. hey thithi & everyone, on label360.com, there are a few Bulga runched leather bags on sale, and as of midnight tonight you can use code NWYR36 to get 36% off. takes them to $367 or so. it's not 117 but still!