Bulga Studded Tote, more colors wanted!

  1. I fell in love with this bag! It's large enough to carry all of my stuff and it doesn't look overwhelming. Of course the leather and the craftmanship are superb. This is the perfect bag for me and I want it in all colors... Now I just need to know... What colors do this bag come in?
  2. brown, navy, gold, plum, turquoise, seafoam...but you will have to really search to find..
    London color is on sale at jcmadison.com for $332 plus you can probably find a code for it...
  3. All of the brighter colors (plum, yellow, etc.) are from older seasons and are really hard to find. Recently Blga has come out with a lot of neutrals and browns. I LOVE my bulga and would love for some hott colors to be released!
  4. I love my Bulga Amore (coral).

    I have seen gold ones on eBay, don't know if they are authentic (that would be a lot of gold to have hanging on a shoulder!).
  5. Revolve has one in Foam. Not on sale yet, though.
  6. I have the Bulga studded tote in dark brown... LOVE it! It's a little older so it has red lining :tender: and I can cram all my stuff in it without it being too bulky. It always gets compliments!
  7. www.bagshop.com has London, Brown, Cognac, and Turquoise on sale for $499.
    Also, if you search the deals and steals forum for the recent Bulga sample sale thread, there is contact info for Bulga..they had previous season colors, 2007 colors, etc. MAYBE they would sell to you over the phone, can't hurt to ask...
  8. I have a medium yellow from about a year back. I love the leather on it but have never worn it. I have such a hard time letting go of bags but I'm thinking of finally selling this one :s
  9. I have it in red-which is a blue red, not coral.