Bulga studded bag in or out?

  1. I bought a Bulga chocolate studded bag in June and I've only worn it about 2-3 times. I can't really wear it to work and I tend to wear more black so I'm thinking that maybe I should sell it.

    Is this style on the way out? What do you ladies think? Its weird I would always look at this style of bag but as soon as I bought one it goes unworn.

  2. Eh... once I saw them all go on sale, I figured they were out... they're a little too boho for me...

    I feel the same way about my Andrea Brueckner bag... i'll just put it away and use it again later.
  3. i don't think so at all. the color of this bag is TDF. I LOVE it!
  4. I like this style of bag. I saw a girl wearing one of the brighter colors against a nice shirt and fantastic fitting jeans and it looked great!
  5. I don't think so. I absolutely love this bag. I have it in both medium and large in the chocolate. The leather is just yummy!!
  6. I don't think it's out. The drawstring style is definitely in for fall as are the tassels. Also, choc brown is absolutely a top choice in neutrals these days.
  7. i think it's out...it has been too much and by too many
  8. i think it's out...it has been too much and by too many
  9. I'm having the same question in my mind. I recently got a banana studded hobo for $166 at nm.com. The leather is so soft, but it seems more boho than I care for.
  10. I still think it's cute..but if you really don't think you'll be using it again, I'd say sell it and get something you *really* love.
  11. ITA. I still use mine all the time and still get tons of compliments! :love:
  12. If you don't wear it, you should sell it and buy something you really love.
  13. It's still in for fall. I got the same chocolate Bulga last year and still carry it from time to time.
  14. I like them.
    If you don't have any use for it, sell it - but I'd wait for fall, maybe you're going to love it then ;)
  15. I think it's on it's way out... the overstudded look has been over and done with now. Once things start going on sale, it's not a good thing for the lifetime of the style.
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