Bulga Small Pudding Flap Tote

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for Bulga Small Pudding Flap Tote, but it seems it's all sold out everywhere! :crybaby:Does anyone know where I can find this bag?
    Thank you in advance!
  2. Thanks for the info! but it is out of stock..:crybaby:
    I love this color!! Wish they had more.
  3. What's that colour like Momo? Does it go with a lot of things? Not sure if dusty rose is something that would work for me. I love the shape though. So ladylike and precious! Does it hold lots of stuff? And can you carry it on your shoulder? This looks like one of those carry it on your arm type of bags. :heart:
  4. it's a warm pink colour with undertones of tan to it. i can fit it both on my shoulder and in the crook of my arm. i'm not super skinny either. But i know some people has said that it won't fit over an overcoat, but i don't have that problem.

    inside: it's pretty big, i can fit a sweater and an extra pair of flip flops as well as my everyday things - wallet, keys, etc.

    i love my pudding tote!
  5. oh and i wear it with neutrals mostly

  6. Good Lord! You can fit a sweater! I never would have thunk it. What a great find. :yahoo:
  7. I'm looking at another bag at Revolve. How do you get the 30% off for new customers?

  8. do a search for revolve clothing first time customer code

    it's on here somewhere. it's a link
  9. Thanks, momo:smile:
  10. Doh! Sorry Max! I don't know how I missed your post. I bought one and it went through fine. I didn't realize stock was so limited. Yikes! Sorry about that!!! :noggin:

    I've been eyeing this bag since the Fall. I wanted it in Navy but meh - why not try a different colour out of my normal range. I'll keep an eye out for these bags - especially the small you wanted as opposed to the large one I just purchased - and if I see any, I'll make sure to give you a heads up. Sorry again.
  11. Thank you so much!!
    I'll keep looking too!
  12. Thank you for the info, but this is not available either..:crybaby:

  13. drat! these deals move FAST! don't fret- the timing will work out for you soon! whenever i am bummed about missing out on something, the ladies here always manage to turn up something equally as good if i have a little patience :yes: