Bulga Sleek Leather Shoulder Bag

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  1. Saw this on the NM website, and I really like this. I do not know how to post pictures, :shame: , but I am wondering if anyone has seen this bag in person? The color is caramel and I think it would be great for spring/summer. Thoughts?
  2. The color is nice, but the style is just okay to me. I'm assuming this is the bag you are talking about?

  3. I like it.
  4. Its YSL Muse-like...
  5. Yes, that is it. I really like the color and think the style would work well for everyday.
  6. WOW!
    I Heart this bag :love: :love: :love:
  7. It's okay, but not for me - too smooth for me!
  8. Ohhh....I really like it too! Perfect tan color....and just the right shoulder length.
  9. I like it as well, even more than the Muse actually
  10. I like it...very low key.

    I bet it looks better in person. Some bags just don't look as good on line.
  11. love it!!!! :love: puts my studded bulga to shame
  12. Nice shape and nice color, but I ownder if the smoothness would really show every little scratch and mark on it?
  13. It's cute, but it looks massive, maybe cause it is or maybe because the way the styling is done so the proportions just look kind of skewed.