Bulga Sample Sale Update

  1. Just found out that its going to be wholesale prices, up to 50% off some bags:

    What: Bulga Sample Sale
    When: June 28th & June 29th, 9am-7pm
    Where: 208 West 29th Street, Suite 203 (btwn 7th and 8th Aves)

    For more information call 212-334-9119, www.bulgausa.com
  2. phone orders?
  3. I just called them and SA said no phone orders, geez!
  4. Absolutely ridiculous. I realize NY is the center of the universe, but everyone doesn't live there.
  5. LOL -- and some New Yorkers actually have to work, go to school, raise children...phone orders would be nice for everyone!
  6. Any idea what styles?
  7. sorry about the phone orders - don't shoot the messenger :sad:
  8. as far as i know it will be all different styles, including the butterfly bag (various colors), totes, satchels, etc.
  9. OP the little arrows aren't for you, there for the ones that decided no phone orders on the sample sale. :smile:
  10. Thanks vlap for the heads up! I'm still debating on whether it's a good idea to attend because I'm still a bit traumatized from the Botkier sale :X Throw hordes of fashion crazed women in one room and there will be TROUBLE! ( I must admit it was hilarious watching women play tug of war with a metallic Clyde bag screaming "I touched it fiiirrsstt!!")
  11. thanks, but after the sales at botkier (five bags) and kooba (six bags), not to mention lesportsac/tokidoki (too many to count), I'm taking a break!
  12. ^^ speak for yourself - i've been waiting for months to get a little butterfly bag!:yahoo: I'm going to go early tomorrow morning.
  13. I'm in too! I :heart: Bulga.
  14. hi everyone! sorry i'm new to bulga. how does the leather feel on bulga? is it similar to the soft hayden harnett bags? or thicker like rebecca minkoff?
  15. The leather on bulga bags is awesome! they are sooo buttery soft...in my opinion, the leather is even softer than to the Hayden Harnett bags!