Bulga Sample Sale II

  1. YEAH -
    Phone/Fax orders will be taken!!!!:yes:
  2. Oh, I love Bulga! It's great that phone/fax orders are being taken, but where can I find out what they've got? Any information would be so very appreciated!
  3. Thank you for posting! I was wondering when it would happen!
  4. i am so tempted to book a flight to NYC right now. my friend scored amazing deals at the last sample sale and she said the selection was amazing!
  5. Thanks for posting. I can't wait!! :woohoo:
  6. Did anyone go to the last one? I've been bidding on butterfly bags on eBay... never win.... were there any in the last one and how much?
    Is the leather buttery soft on all styles?
  7. I went to the last one (at the same location) and it was GREAT! They had almost every style in tons of colors, it wasn't crowded at all, and the guys running it were sooooo nice. I'd definitely recommend going to this one!
  8. vlap77 - could you kindly post the phone and/or fax number to call as well as how to get an order form either on your blog or here, that will be very helpful. TIA!
  9. Can't wait, I have two Bulga bags and look forward to getting a few more!
  10. Awww...I was hoping it would be Bulga Sample Sale 2: Los Angeles Boogaloo. You NYC girls have all the fun. :sad:
  11. Nice! I picked up 3 bags last sale and get so many compliments on them. Cant wait to go back.
  12. Ooooh...exciting. I don't have any Bulgas yet, but I'm dying to get my hands on the double-pocket satchel or one of those multi-compartment buckle bags...would be great to get a killer deal on one from the sample sale...can't afford a full-price bulga right now!
  13. Second that. Any way that we can lure Bulga to the West Coast?
  14. So excited! I went to the last sale and got a gorgeous double pocket satchel in mustang for $250. The bag is absolutely stunning! There were a ton of butterfly bags there and I think they were $200.