Bulga Ruched Leather Satchel in Goldrush $149

  1. Still there.
  2. Gone!
  3. It's crazy how many of these bags have been returned!
    It's gotta run out SOMETIME! I hope the bag being shipped to me now doesn't fall into that category. I hope it's flawless and I don't have to return it!!! :girlsigh:
  4. Me too! I hope my banana one isn't dirty or something! I should get it tomorrow so here's hoping it's beautiful. I've wanted the bag for so long.
  5. The Hazel is back. Someone go get it! :yahoo:
  6. Dang it! Missed it AGAIN!
  7. I got my banana today!!!!!!!!! I love it, there's no way I'm sending it back! THere is one small spot on the leather that looks lighter than the rest like maybe someone tried to clean it but it's not that noticeable and really doesn't bother me. They did give me a crappy dustbag (like they gave most everyone) and I wouldn't mind it except the bag is too big for it so I'm def. going to ask for a replacement.
  8. I emailed asking for a replacement dust bag and it arrived via FedEx yesterday. It is a nice brown bag that actually fits the bag. :yahoo:
  9. Yay! I called customer service and the girl told me someone would call me within 72 hours. :cursing: I emailed just now so I hope they get back with me. Why would they even bother sending a dustbag if it doesn't even fit??????:confused1:
  10. Wow, that was fast!

    "Thank you for contacting Neiman Marcus Online.

    We received your request in reference to your
    recent order # WN278379922.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience
    or disappointment that may have resulted
    regarding your recent shopping experience
    with us.

    We have placed a new order for the Dust Bag.
    The approximate arrival date will be
    July 23, 2007. We appreciate your patience
    regarding this matter.

    Again, thank you for allowing us to address
    your concerns. If we can be of further assistance,
    please do not hesitate to contact us by email or
    you may call toll-free at the number below. We
    hope to have an opportunity to serve you better
    in the future."
  11. I got the same reply back, nearly instantly. And the dustbag came just a few days later.