Bulga Ruched Crescent Satchel $149 @ NM

  1. OMG, I can't believe they still have this available. $149 is definitely a good price as I purchased mine for a higher price.
  2. does this bag fit under your arm? the handle looks a bit small.
  3. Oh I wish I had the money!!!!
  4. I have that bag in brown, and I can wear it under my arm, but it's a little snug. Don't wear it under your arm if you're wearing a sleeveless shirt. The top of my bag got deodorant on it! And it was that supposedly "clear" stuff, too!
  5. Gone now! What a good price

  6. It is definitely not a comfortable bag for sitting on your shoulder. I'm surprised they keep popping up now!
  7. gone, someone got a great deal.
  8. the oyster is avail
  9. Darn, I missed it I had been scouting this bag out daily!!!
  10. There's one in Gold Rush right now!! I would get it but I don't know how dark the tint of that color is compared with oyster :confused1:
  11. I have the bag in goldrush and it's not a bold, bright gold at all. I like that it is a subtle gold. I wear the bag under my arm and it fits fine. I'm only 5'3 but I'm average size, not really thin.
  12. OK, I missed it again!!:sad:
  13. I am returning mine so hopefully it will pop up again.
  14. May i ask why you are returning it?