Bulga pocket satchel on sale -- in rose color

  1. Cute bag! I believe that's a newer style too. Pretty good deal. Someone get it!
  2. I love that bag, but the color's a little weird.
  3. Gorgeous bag - I tried it on in a dark brown but couldn't afford it. It looked great. Anyway, I own too many Bulgas.
  4. Is that even possible? :smile:
  5. You may be able to save an extra 20% off with code reesycakes!

  6. Hi missmary!!! Just a thought....if you are interested, you might try writing to Stacy in their CS department and ask her to match Revolve's new customer 30% discount. I say this because I did so in April and received a positive response (posted below). Sounds strange..but I save these emails as a reference!! That way, I don't forget at which stores I was able to use the discount...and I don't make the mistake of writing to one twice!!!

  7. What is the revolve code? I want an Anna Corinna mini city from there sometime. Thanks!
  8. I copied this from Reesycakes.com for you...hope it works. Just submit your email address through this link and they will email a code to you.

    Revolve Clothing 30% off (New Customers ONLY!) follow link provided
  9. oh great, thanks so much!

  10. You're welcome.
  11. Oh I'm so in love with that bag! But I need my money to pay rent haha