bulga on sale

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  1. Active Endeavors has their Bulga bags half price. I love these things. Especially at that price. I'm in for a taupe one. I also love that Boho look, especially because I'm an old women basically in blue jeans.
  2. Thanks for that! Is the citrus yellow the same one that Jessica Simpson has??? I love that color.
  3. Thanks, miss lola! I just ordered the large stud bag in red!!
  4. does anyone know how much customs charges would be to canada...? *bites nails*
  5. I BOUGHT IT!!!! I BOUGHT IT!!!!!! somebody please tell me it's worth it! i went over my budget!!! i bought the yllow citrus one... this is the FIRST designer bag i've bought by myself! Gggaaaaaa....
  6. I love my butterfly tote. I was tempted to buy another in purple!
  7. Has anyone seen the cognac color in person?
  8. This ebay pic sure makes the coganc look nice!!!

    It looks so orange/peach on AE.
  9. My damage:

    I bought this bag in plum from NM but returned it because I didn't think it was worth the money and the plum wasn't a good choice for me. I'm liking this color (hopefully) and this price!
  10. Oh! This is so dangerous! I looked at the site and I want to buy! I am torn between the bag Daisy posted - is the cognac a good color? I already have a chocolate brown bag (not Bulga). I also like the studded satchel and thought about citrus when I thought it was green. But it comes in cognac, too. I need guidance! I've never seen these bags IRL but I am really liking the one Daisy is showing a pic of. Good choice???
  11. Leah: I've had the bag I posted before and also two of the medium tote bags. What's nice about these bags is that they're very light and easy/nice to carry. I got burned out on mine and ended up selling them but I think it was more due to my color choices (fuschia and chocolate). If you like the looks of the bags you won't be disappointed with the real thing... especially at these prices.!
  12. What is the size difference between the large and medium tote? I'm 5ft 10 inches and don't know which would be better. Please help :smile:
  13. omg i want one - but they ship with ups int so i would get huge customs aggghhhhh
  14. Just wondered as I caanot get one from this site due to the custom charges -- is anyone on here have a bulga bag they are wanting sell off at a good price.

    I would be interested !!
  15. I am so torn between which style I want, what size if I want the tote and color? I love the red, cognac, and taupe! :weird: