Bulga Multi Compartment Bag - Thoughts?

  1. Hello,

    I ordered this bag in dark brown and would really like to get people's reactions to it.


    I found it for 370 on another site, but am thinking maybe the dark brown is too dark to go with anything.

    What do you all think? Let me know thanks! :smile:
  2. I love Bulga, and I love their dark brown color. I have the triple zip satchel in the same color and it is one of my fave bags. The leather is fabulous, the color is very versatile and the many compartments make organizing a breeze. I have to say though, $599 is a bit steep! If you can get it at that cheaper price you listed, go for it!
  3. Yes, I ordered it from thepursestore.com for $370. And it arrived! Here are some pics to show what it looks like IRL and on me... strap is adjustable by the way. I have it at the longest length in the pics.

    What do you think? Too huge-mongeous?
    bulga3.JPG bulga4.JPG bulga2.JPG
  4. No! Not too big at all! It looks fantastic on you! The size and the color look great! You got a steal too! How do you feel about it!
  5. GUNG, I am so torn. Half of me loves loves loves :heart: the smooshy leather (it is so smooshy!) and I feel it's a pretty classic style. when I took out of the box I was just immediately smitten.

    But half of me is thinking its huge-mongeous! And very dark brown. But its probably because I don't really have anything that color... and spring is coming....
  6. No no, its a great color! It looks fab on the outfit you are wearing now, and can go with different shades of brown, gray, really any neutral! I love how it looks on you. Soon you will get other member's opinions and that may convince you!:yes:
  7. This bag looks great. I love how it looks so comfy to wear when you have it on. However, is the leather "soft" or stiff? Cuz it looks sort of stiff and plastic on the pics.
  8. I love Bulga leather. I think the bag looks really good on you- doesn't look too big at all.
  9. Oh, I hate to say this, because I generally really like Bulga, and I don't like to say anything negative unless an opinion is requested......
    I don't like it. I also think the price is crazy. I really don't like it at all...
    It reminds me of the saddle messenger bag one of the nuns in Catholic church school carried when I was a kid. I am so sorry; I just know that you are torn....
    I just don't think it is as stylish as some of their other bags....

    ooooh, I am sorry!
  10. Thanks for checking out the bag and giving me your thoughts. :yes::yes::yes:

    The leather is super soft, very smooshy! The pictures make it look a bit stiff but it is soft altho the style doesn't really let it show its smooshiness :p

    I am so super indecisive so I really appreciate the feedback on the bag! :yes:

    But still not sure about it... ;)

  11. i think it looks fabulous on u!!!!!!! bulgas r amazing!! i would def keep it!!:tup:
  12. I don't think it's too big. And I know the leather on these bags is nice and soft. The one thing that I'm not sure about is the way the straps hang off on those outside compartments. But I do love outside compartments. I like the color and it looks like it would be comfortable and functional.
  13. I like it, and I think it looks great on you. Bulga makes great bags.
  14. i love it... but then again... i LOVE big slouchy bags... i just wear my really big slouchy bags with something very free-flowing and mary-kate-esque... wearing it with a fitted outfit can make a large bag look too big...
  15. i LOVE it!