Bulga Medium Studded Bag: Recommend??

  1. Hey everybody,

    I'm looking into getting a new bag and I've been thinking about getting the Bulga Medium Studded bag in either white or Banana.

    Does anybody have any experience with this bag? What's the leather like, good quality, etc?? At first I thought about getting the Large, but I think that would be TOO big for me.

    Also, anybody know if a store online **in Europe (Germany pref.)** sells this bag? I remember there being a luxury store online from Italy (Via Roma or something like that??) - it used to be on Bryanboy's blog. Bleh, I can't remember.

    Either way, do you recommend it?
  2. I think the store you're referring to is Luisa Via Roma, and I think the website is their name. I haven't personally purchased from there, but I know many of the other tPF ladies have shared good experiences.

    In terms of that particular Bulga bag, I like the look, but am afraid that it is kind of trendy imo, but in the end it's about what you want, if you like it, rock it. The leather was nicely squishy though, I liked the fit of the bag too.
  3. I have this bag in yellow (bought from another PFer), and I love it. It's the right size, is comfortable without being heavy, and gets a LOT of compliments. The only issue I have with it is that I have seen on this list that regular leather cleaners are not recommended. I spoke with Bulga, and they said they are coming out with a cleaner that they will sell on their web site (not available yet).

    As for whether it's trendy, I guess time will tell, but I don't think it's so unusual that it will go out of style. Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide.
  4. Trendy isn't really an issue with me :smile: I wear what I like, whether or not it's "in"!

    I'm going to start hunting around for one :smile: Most of the ones I've seen on eBay are all Melie Bianco knockoffs. How much did you pay for your bag, if you don't mind me asking? I've seen several price ranges, and I dunno which one to believe!
  5. I saw a girl with a supercute bulga bag at the grocery store - she had the large and she was tiny, but it was a supercute combo. I know that it doesnt answer your question, but thought I would pipe in with my 2 cents lol.
  6. Hi, lamiastella. I assume you're asking me how much I paid. I bought it from another PFer new and unused. I think I paid $300 which, I think is a bit below retail.
  7. I love the leather on Bulga bags -- it's buttery soft yet durable, almost identical to the leather on a good Chloe paddy....except of course without that price tag (or the weight!). I have the fall '05 red large drawstring shoulder bag (dark, deep red, not the Jessica Simpson orangy-red)....filled it up and carried it to death last fall, and it's still like new. The leather gets better with use. I agree that the design is a bit trendy and very young (geared toward the younger crowd), but with certain colors that bag can actually look classy -- I did not think so before I bought it, but after wearing my dark red one w/ a black wool coat all fall/winter, I fell in love with it. Got many compliments....on the street, in the subway, in the shops (I was at the Jimmy Choo boutique on Madison Ave., and the SAs in there loved that bag so much, I couldn't believe it). I generally stay away from "trendy" bags...my Bulga & black IF Audra are the only "somewhat trendy" bags I own, but I definitely don't regret the purchase.

    If it's the drawstring shoulder bag that you're looking for, I think the large size is the best -- I'm petite (5'4'ish) and the large looks good on me; the medium size doesn't look nearly as good (also noticed this on celebs who wore the medium).

    Barneys.com just put their Bulga drawstring bag on sale -- http://www.barneys.com/b/browse/product.s?productId=275630&source=category&index=13&prodIndex=13&listSize=14&categoryId=281240

    Also Adasa -- http://www.adasa.com/brand--asp--MnfID--1059--afdiv--Bulga-Handbags.htm -- NM, and other boutiques should have select colors/styles marked down as well.
  8. I just bought the banana medium studded tote and I LOVE it! It's the perfect size for me. Fits everything. Light...I love it. Wish I knew how to post pix so I could show you...can anyone tell me how? My picture file is too large

    BTW - I tend to classy and definitely don't think this tote in banana is too trendy. Fun yes but I agree when some people say certain colours look very classy and I think this is one of them! Good luck!
  9. I'm a huge fan of the large. I had two of the mediums and while I loved them, I wasn't thrilled with how they looked on (me). I now have two large bags and adore them. I can't rave about the chocolate leather enough! This is the softest bag ever (better than my Choo Ramona) and you just can't beat the price. The leather on this bag is much better than the leather on my old medium chocolate. I think that has more to do with when it was released than the size. The chocolate bags that are out now are TO DIE FOR!
  10. I like both sizes. Personally I have the dark chocolate in the medium and I like the size. And I'm 5'7. I think it depends on what you are comfortable with. The leather is fabulous!!