Bulga lovers - some questions

  1. My sister bought this beautiful midnite blue Bulga butterfly and I have fallen in love.

    I see some bags on eBay but I have no idea how to verify authenticity so any tips would be appreciated.

    Also where can I find the small sizes in Bulga. I think medium and large will be too big.

    Thanks ladies:heart:
  2. When you find one you like on eBay...maybe post the link here and ask to authenticate. Revolve clothing sells Buga and also Nordstrom and NM. I'm sure there are other stores/sites...maybe do a google search.
  3. Hi,

    I've actually been browsing eBay for months in search of the perfect plum or safari butterfly. I'm not an expert on authenticity, but I want to warn you about a particular seller on ebay right now. Their current user name is addictedly_addicted. They recently changed their user name from potassium_chloride. Anyway, they have auctioned/sold at least 15-20 bulga bags within the past month or two. When their name was potassium_chloride I asked how they came to have so many bulga bags, and she replied "I went through a phase where I bought a bunch of bulga bags in different colors." I think this is unlikely, and I posted about this on the ebay shoes and purses forum. Shortly after the user changed their name to addictedly_addicted. The main problem is that they keep using the SAME pictures for their autions over and over. I would stear clear of this user's auctions. I don't know for sure that their bags are not authentic, but its kind of shady to use the same pictures over and over and to buy 20 of the same bulga bags for yourself.
  4. Honestly bulgas are always on sale at different online stores or boutiques... Its a good alternative to buying on ebay.
  5. I looked at the bags being sold on ebay by addictedly_addicted and they seem pretty good to me. I only have 1 Bulga butterfly to go by so I am no expert either but are these bags being faked that much? I don't know--and wish I did. Bulga experts, help!

    Anyway, bulgas are the softest, lightest bags around. And I want more! (could addictedly_addicted be living next to some dream Bulga outlet? I must find this place and move there.)
  6. thanks ladies. In NYC the street vendors have fake Bulga but it's kinda easy to spot, the leather is stiff and the studs don't align evenly. I know nothing about Bulga but I can't imagine they have shoddy workmanship.

    amdorn - I bid on a safari yellow bag by potassium_chloride and lost but was sent a second chance offer. I declined until I could see more pics. It's two weeks later and I never got those pics so hmmm.

    Do the linings change from season to season?
  7. ^^^The linings don't change every season but there have been some changes.

    Maybe addictedly_addicted went to a sample sale...?
    I am concerned though about their feedback, I noticed repeat buyers with feedback scores of 0. I know how important it is when starting out to build feedback and I surely wouldn't be a repeat customer of someone who wouldn't even leave fb the first time.
  8. If you look at the sellers past auctions and under the old user name of potassium chloride, you can see that they are just using the same pictures for bags that have already been sold and new bags. That just seems kind of suspicious and her explanation when I messaged her was that she bought ALL of these bags for herself, but she's sold bags of the same color, so why would she buy two bags for herself in the same color? Doesnt make sense... plus the whole changing user names, I would just avoid this seller altogether.
  9. I guess you can't see her feedback from her old username. But I remember very clearly when her name was potassium_chloride because I got really excited when she listed a plum butterfly. I never bid because I was suspicious b/c she listed like 10 bulgas at the same time. It's kind of sad that I know that this seller has been using the same pics for months... but I search for bulga bags like every few hours
  10. Addictedly_addicted has yet another bulga up for auction. This seller has sold like 8 recently, this one is using the same pix, description (from what I got from a quick scan), everything!

    What the heck is going on? Even if they are 'selling' the same bag over and over for some insane reason, the ebay fees still gotta be paid. Has there been a big Bulga heist I missed reading about--where are these coming from?!
  11. There are rumors that Bulga will be having a sample sale either in late september or october in their ny showroom. (Please don't ask me to reveal my sources, I'll get my Bulga pass taken away :smile:) Shopbop always has bulga's on sale though.
  12. Bulga sample sale.....heaven. You gotta keep us posted! Even though I am in L.A., I would build a trip around that!
  13. Hi there! I just won this bag on ebay, but I have doubt about it's authenticity. Does it look authentic? Thanks for helping me

    Item number: 250704506634
  14. I agree that quality of the leather is amazingly soft, but I disagree on the lightness part. I used to own the Bulga Helmet. Love the design and leather extremely but I get achy shoulders from the weight!! So I sold it off reluctantly.