Bulga, Gustto, Botkier, and Andrew Marc??? hmmmmmmmm....

  1. :confused1: I'm still researching and working on finding a new bag. Since I am buying sight unseen I really appreciate any and all info on these bags and brands.

    I really like this Gustto:

    My main concern is how it wears and the color. I was hoping to find a tan bag and this one seems more greyish. Has anyone seen this IRL?

    Next option, Bulga Lrg. Multi Zip:
    It's brown but dark- errrr....
    And anyone know how these wear and hold up?

    Andrew Marc:
    Closer to the color I am looking for...

    Botkier Sophie:
    I like it, but it's a little funky...hmmmmm

    I would love to know about any personal experience with these bags and opinions on these choices!
  2. LOVE the Bulga- have personal experience with two of them, the tote and the pudding flap hobo. They are great bags-if you didn't know the Bulga is on sale at Revolve clothing. If you've never bought from them get an extra 30% off even on sale items! :yahoo:
  3. I like the Gustto style the best.

    I would put Andrew Marc last. I've seen some of the bags in person and the leather and style just don't seem that nice to me, especially for the price.
  4. I love Botkier bags but not this particular style. It is a little too "funky" for me...LOL
    But for quality, I think Botkier is Aces.

    I love Gustto leather. Soft and squichy but I havn't had my Baca long enough to tell how it holds up. But it hasn't stopped me from ordering another.

    I like the look of the Andrew Marc very much. It's such a cute bag!
  5. ohhh lexie which gustto did u order!?!?!?
  6. I'd figure you'd have read all the Gustto threads Bess. I got the Steel Blue Torlia. I only mentioned it like 6 times on the boards!! LOL Can you tell I'm excited?:yahoo:
  7. haha oo:huh:!!! :smile: i was away for a few days in DC i feel like i missed so much haha :smile: i didnt know!!!! i cant wait to see did you get it from your eBay guy??