Bulga Double Strap Pocket Satchel 70% off

  1. Hi everyone

    I saw this bag today Jasmine Sola outlet marked 70% off.


    I already have it. It is a super nice bag. you can see the bag in the not so very clear images of my collection.

    I was there when they closed and they still had the bag. Same color as in the picture.

    go to jasminesola.com to look up the phone number for their outlet. they take phone orders.

    They had a Kooba, a gustto and a bunch of Rafe bags on sale as well. All in white except for one tan/brown rafe bag.
  2. Wow! i love the color of that bag, do you know how much it was marked down to?
  3. That color is gorgeous!! hope someone gets it!
  4. Can you let us know which store is their outlet? I looked through but couldn't figure out which one that was.
  5. Here ya go:

    Warehouse Outlet, 965 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston MA 02215, 617.562.0004
  6. The sale ends Sunday.

    They still have the bulga bag in the orangey color... it's marked down to $191, from the original price of $695.

    They also have an ivory kooba bag with a single short strap for about $170 down from $595.
  7. wow! great deal! hope you guys get it!
  8. Thanks for the info, ShopDoc. I'm so ready to jump on this deal and just have one question.

    Do you know how reputable Jasmine Sola is? I'm based in the West Coast so please forgive my ignorance.

  9. It's a reputable store. They have one in about every mall here in NJ.
  10. It's reputable, they have lots of trendy clothes and designer handbags. I would buy with absolute confidence.
  11. Boo, I just called and the Bulga bag is sold out! :sad:
  12. has anyone in Boston been to the Jasmine Sola outlet up there recently? I would love to get another RM bag from them, but i was hoping for a visual! :smile:
  13. Here is what they had:

    Botkier Sacha duffle for $208 each,
    Gustto (I think becca)
    Bulga crescent for $150 or 180-ish
    Rafe ( don't know the name)

    All in either white or ivory.

    I caved in and bought a Botkier Sacha.

    The sale is ending today so today is your last day if you want to buy anything.
  14. that's a really great deal! i bought a double pocket satchel from Shopbop for $319 in cream, but ended up returning it. keep looking for it online, because they will probably put it back on their website soon and i have a feeling it will be marked off even more.