Bulga Double Pocket Satchel $329.00

  1. Why don't you contact Kim at Delcina and tell her what you did and that you are a member of tpf. The folks at Delcina are super nice and I can't see why she wouldn't give your credit after the fact!! It's worth a try.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your advice.
    I gave them a call. And they were very nice to help me. I was requesting the money to be returned to my charge card. The person who was helping me mentioned that she has to check with her boss for that. But she said that she maybe able to at least gave me back the money in store credit. So, I am waiting for the response to see if I can get the credit back to my credit card. My husband will certainly be happier that way. :p
    And I will certainly post the end-results here. :yes:

  3. Good Luck!!

    I make a habit of always checking sites like Grechenscloset.com, toutie.com, and especially retailmenot.com before ordering ANYTHING!! You might want to try that in the future or post a request for a code before placing your order. Not trying to be bossy...just want to help you save money. Who wants to pay more than they have to!!:tup:
  4. I don't see the bag in Mustang, only New Brown. Are the colors very different? TIA!
  5. I have not received my bag yet. I found the color from the Bulga website.