Bulga Crescents back at NM Last Call....look at previous thread for link!

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  1. Goldrush and Banana are posted as available...who knows for how long!

  2. OMG i just bought it in goldrush!!!! cross your fingers! :p
  3. Me too!!! Woohoo...finally!
  4. yay congrats! sorry...i'm way too overzealous right now...

  5. Yeah....hope that you'll be wearing your bags by next weekend :tup:
  6. I don't see it available. Is it gone already? :crybaby:
  7. hi jadejett, it went quick! i'm sure it'll come up again!

  8. I had bookmarked this page for this bag and I still can't get it. This bag it too popular. :crybaby: