Bulga Crescent Totes - NM $208

  1. I've been watching these for a while - finally went down from $298 to $208 today!




    I ordered the Hazel one and got confirmation!! My first designer purse :smile: SOO EXCITED!!

    Use FIRST for free shipping.

    (I know this as the crescent tote, but i guess they call it "Ruched Leather Satchel")
  2. super cute, congrats!
  3. Very good price! :smile:
  4. Thanks, what a deal, ordered one in Hazel, I was in Nordstrom's over the weekend and they were full price, very nice leather.
  5. awesome deal! i just got one in goldrush. thanks a ton!
  6. Ordered one in Hazel. My first bulga, heard a lot of nice things about them...

    Thank you so much!
  7. gorgeous bag!!!
  8. Thanks for the links. Do you know what the color is shown the pics? They have "banana" and "goldrush", don't know which is which.
  9. That is a gorgeous bag! For this I think I can convince myself to jump in on the deal :p. Does anyone know where I can get a photo of it on someone's arm? I'm a tiny girl so I don't want a super overpowering bag.
  10. My friend has this bag, and it is pretty big so if you're really tiny, it can look overpowering. She posted a pic here on TPF.. here it is...


    I'm still debating whether I should get the goldrush. I love Bulga!!
  11. Thanks, I got one in Banana!
  12. WOW - it's really alot bigger than i thought!! on one hand it makes the deal even sweeter (all that beautiful bulga leather for ~$200?) but it's definitely a different look than i thought when i bought it!
  13. Thank you so much for this photo! What a gorgeous color...and that leather! :drool:. It's A LOT bigger than I thought it would be, so it probably would overpower my small statute. Looks like I will have to pass. *sighs*. Why couldn't they have made it in a couple different sizes?!

    PS: If I were to get one, I would have gone for the goldrush ;).
  14. any idea for goldrush color?
  15. never mind. I found the color of goldrush. Sorry.