bulga crescent tote in goldrush only for $179

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  1. Great deal. Go go go!
  2. All gone!
  3. Good lord I'm going to black out!
    I check this link every day and I'm getting so frustrated.
    Save from checking for a thread every single minute of the day, I think I'm just out of luck unless someone is nice enough to PM me directly. Jeez. This is getting to be a cruel joke.
  4. Yes, a cruel joke! I have been reading/posting on this thread from the beginning and it has been the collective effort of all to provide info/photos/links to fellow tpfers so that many of us became motivated to buy this gorgeous bag. LingGirl just ordered hers in Oyster and now we need to be vigilant to find you a Goldrush :wlae:. I will be on the look out for you as well!
  5. i agree with dcblam!

    we WILL get you the goldrush! i'll PM you the second i see one pop up.

    One for all, and all for one!:drinks:
  6. Keep your eyes open, I just returned my oyster and cancelled goldrush both.
  7. BTW, the one I just received today - oyster is dirty and with ugly dust bag. I sent it back right away and I immediately cancelled my in process order.

    I think I need to give someone chance to live them.
  8. Thanks dcblam, you're always thinking of me. I can't wait for the bag to come though I hope they don't send me a dirty one like the one rachelinla got.

    jadejett, don't be discouraged. I totally know your feeling. You have to keep checking this forum and the NM link. I know it sounds insane but it does come up. Just make sure you have the free shipping code ready so you don't have to look for it during checkout. Good Luck! We'll all keep an eye out for you. ;)
  9. The people returning them should have sold them to the TPFer!
  10. woohoooo! I just one in oyster - thanks for the tip! :yahoo:
  11. Yeah, I really want that goldrush. Wondering why people are returning them though?

    Can someone post the free shipping code? I didn't know anything about that. Not sure it would apply to me since I'm in Canada but it's worth a shot. :lol:

    Thanks everyone for keeping an eye out for me! Love you girls! :yes: :heart:
  12. jadejett,

    The free shipping code is NMNOW.:heart:
  13. Danke! :yes:
  14. Jadejett i know how you feel i just want the banana one!! I keep thinking if I go to sleep or go out I'm going to miss it haha!!!!! I just I need to stay glued to my computer screen!! :blink: