Bulga crescent satchel - keeper?

  1. I found a Bulga crescent satchel in brown yesterday at Nordstrom's Rack for $149. It was such nice soft leather and such a good price that I had to take it home. But I really like at least one outside pocket on a bag. For those of you who prefer no outside pockets, what do you do about grabbing cell phone/keys, etc? Would you leave zip top open when out and about so you could grab things from inside pockets?
  2. Ziptops are usually closed for me, and I just open them, and then the inside pocket's zippers if I have to get my phone. :smile:
  3. I also have a Bulga crescent and I love the little pocket on the front for my cel & bluetooth. I do better getting at my cel with this bag than some of my other bags--I change bags so frequently I forget where the cel pocket is or if there even is one.

    Good job at snagging it at that great price too, I have a 'Rack' close to work that I never make the time to visit, stupid me.
  4. I have the same hazel ruched crescent w/o the pocket in the front and I love it! I use a chameleon purse organizer, so pockets aren't an issue, and the inside pocket is big enough to hold my keys. The crescents with the outside pocket sag too much for me, I like how the pocketless one keeps its shape.
  5. I had that bag in midnight blue, but sold it to my mom once I got another blue bag. I never used the outside pocket, just left the main compartment unzipped for easy access.
  6. nope. i got mine for $99 at NR and returned it. it was too big for me
  7. That does it--I gotta go over to the Rack sometime this week and see if there are any deals for me.
  8. $99??? That's a ridiculously good deal. Wish we had the NR in Canada!

    I also have the same bag and I actually find it a big small. If you were concerned about easy access, I'd just stow it in the inside zip compartment.
  9. Thanks ladies. Guess I'll have to play with it and decide whether to keep. Apparently a lot of people like bags without outside pockets so maybe I can adjust.
  10. yea for sure. but at the time i needed $99 more hahahaha
  11. OMG! I have a Nordstrom rack in scottsdale, I wonder if they would have it?

    I'd keep it by the way, for that price with such gorgeous leather!!!!
  12. Fiji they only had one at the san diego NR but they had two of another Bulga with kisslock at same price...so you never know. We have Rack and then across the street is Off 5th. I kind of prefer NR because you can find something they have just one of whereas Off 5th usually has many of each style...seems less special to me. Good luck finding a Bulga.
  13. My uncle lives in San Diego I know which Saks and nr your talking about :smile: Too bad about the bulga owell... thanks!