Bulga Crescent bag?

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  1. I just recently purchased a Navy Bulga Crescent bag but kind of regret it b/c it's pretty big, I mean it's pretty much the same size as my MJ Stam bag but I don't know, I just don't love it, I should've gotten the Padding Satchel.

    I attached a picture of the bag, should I sell it or just keep it?

    navy bag.jpg
  2. If you don't love it you should return it, since you probably won't use it much.

    I have the non-studded version of that bag. I don't use it anymore, but that's mainly because I got a blueberry Balenciaga and they're similar in color.
  3. WOW, it is big isn't it.

    I know nothing about the Bulga at all, but have to admit a couple on NM or NAP caught my eye, but they were the light colours. They didn't look large at all, more like a small evening clutch.

    I misjudged the size greatly when I see you wearing yours.

    So disappointing when you look forward to something so much and it doesn't meet your expectations.
  4. I think it's a great looking bag, but I agree with what others have said. If you don't love it, that pretty much answers your question.
  5. You should return it if you can. No sense in keeping it if you're not going to use it much. I've made the same mistake many times!
  6. Thanks ladies for the quick responses!

    I can't return this handbag b/c it was a final sale at shopfrosting.com =( b/c it was such a good price, I brought it right away and didn't think about the size of the bag.
  7. I'm sure you can sell it. The blue color is very "in" now. Btw, I actually think it looks good on you =)
  8. I got my turquoise Pudding Flap Bulga bag from shop Frosting too. My shape is different so it is not as large-but the leather is gorgeous-it might grow on you!:yes:
  9. It does look kinda big on you. Sell it and get another one that you really love :smile:
  10. Thanks ladies! I guess I should sell it and get what I really like? JNH14, I really like the Pudding Flap Bulga bag in purple! But where can I sell the bag at? I don't like eBay b/c there are so many replicas.
  11. It would be a shame for a beautiful bag like that to just languish in your closet. I'd probably not keep it. You are a tiny thing!!!
  12. Gosh, there seem to be many of us in NYC/NJ. We should organize a swap meet!

  13. ^^ good idea!!
  14. I agree! I rather swap to bag lovers than selling them to ppl on eBay who might sell it for money.
  15. Is that against the rules? How would we go about organizing it?