bulga crescent bag $100 @ nordstrom rack

  1. hope this helps someone :smile:

    the location in san leandro, ca should have one.

    however, it had a refurbished tag on it. it looked fine though not dirty or anything. missing the dustbag. not sure of the color. maybe it's oyster. :smile: cheaper than the one i saw 2 days ago at Nordstrom! (they were selling it for $350 and it was so so so dirty!)
  2. I called right when they opened this morning - but they said they had no more bulga :'(
  3. OH MY!!!!!
    what bargain!!!

    the one that got it was so lucky!

  4. I KNOW!!

    pinknyanko, thanks for posting!!!
  5. i bet one of the employees bought it :sad: i know it was there cuz i was the one that returned it! and i know some of you ladies might have wanted it. i decided it was too big for my height :/
  6. That's funny, becaue I saw sort of a yellow-y cream colored crescent at Nordstrom Valley Fair the other month, and it was super dirty. It had return tags on it, so I guess someone used it for awhile and then returned it.

    Maybe Nordstrom cleaned it and then sent it to the Rack?