Bulga colour question


Nov 1, 2005
I saw this bag online at ishopblush, it is described as a plum colour. However, the other bulga plum colour I've seen is different from the one on their website, this one looks more purple blue to me.
Have anyone see this same colour elsewhere selling on ishopblush before?

Here's the PIC.

Hi There,
I have this bag!!! I absolutely love it and if you're a purple fan you'll enjoy as much as I do. The colouring of the picture is slightly off. The true colour is a little more of a plum purple, not quite as bright as the pic. But trust me, it is still very stunning.
Hope this helps you!:biggrin:
I have that bag in the hobo style and the purple is absolutely gorgeous. I got the citrus satchel too and both of them are lots of fun. It's a beautiful bag. You'll have fun with it. If the purple satchel was available, I would have definitely gotten that. The leather is definitely yummy. Good luck!!!