Bulga Colors

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  1. HI,
    I was wondering if anyone had a picture or could describe the bulga color "Slate gray"? Is this the metalic color or is it just gray?
  2. hey, i'm going to move this to handbags and then i'll post a pic of the slate grey hobo i had.
  3. here it is! it's a nice, matte grey with blue undertones.
  4. Thanks you so much! I actually just returned my large amore, it was just too bright for me! I'm thinking of getting a medium one, but they only have two colors and one of them is the slate gray(pic not posted)... and the banana one, but I have a Botkier bag in that color(light yellow). Thanks again for your help!
  5. I have seen the slate gray at Barneys and it is absolutely gorgeous. Great neutral color and not common at all. Medium is a great size (I also have the large LOL)- fits a lot but doesn't look nearly as tote-ish as the large
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