Bulga Buys at Revolve Clothing!!!

  1. Just a head's up that www.Revolveclothing.com has quite a few bags on sale. If you go to the Bulga section you'll see all of the bags. They don't show them as being on sale, but if you click on the bags many are half price. I have two of them and love them-great deal! There are also other brands on sale.
    [​IMG] $288
    [​IMG] $199[​IMG]$238
    These are just a few samples. Happy shopping! If you are a first time shopper there they will also give you an extra 30% off even on sale items! See the link on www.Reeseycakes.com
  2. Thanks! I bought the large tote in Navy. I love these bags!
  3. Got the zip tote in Jazz!!!
  4. Got the zip tote in Jazz!!!:yes:
  5. Since I am returning the medium studded to another site (purchased at $329), I might get the dark brown one from Revolve. Heck, $199 with 30% off (if I can figure out how to get that code... do I just call them?) makes it a lot easier to swallow if the bag isn't perfect!
  6. I just ordered the large flap in deep rose! Thanks for the tip!

    if the 30% disc doesn't work (like it didn't for me:crybaby:), you can use "JT" for 15%. Saved me an additional $46!:wlae:
  7. Awesome deals! TFP!
  8. I couldn't resist. I called back and ordered a Deep Rose one too. They gave me the 30% discount on this one too since I placed the order the same day.
  9. yay!!!! i just ordered a large satin blue tote for $167!!!! great deal, thanks JNH14!!!!

  10. Wow, what a great response-I hope all of you love your bags as much as I do mine!!!!:yahoo: There are a lot of other brands on sale as well. Quite a few Mike & Chris bags at half off as well!
  11. I love the style, just orederd it in yellow (jazz). I think it's fun! :wlae:
  12. i already have a bulga but cant hurt to have another