bulga butterfly

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Of the five colors show which would you pick?
  2. Probably the teal, it's gorgeous !
  3. I have the green one, and it's my favorite of those.

    The one on the far right looks much oranger in person.
  4. Def the greenish one.
  5. The green one. Especially since the one on the far right is orangey.
  6. i have the yellow and i love it. but it depends on the shade of yellow as well. the dark yellow is the one i have and it goes with everything.

    but i'm thinking of getting the cognac one as well. but i didn't know it was more orangy than the pic. so i'm reconsidering now.
  7. I like the taupe, green & yellow. Don't care for the matalic or the tan. Is it for Spring/Summer? The yellow is different, could you wear this with as much? Green bags seem to be really popular this year.
  8. I like the green too!
  9. My first choice would be the green, second would be the taupe.
  10. I like the orangy-tan one on the end the most.
  11. I was leaning towards the dark yellow, there is light yellow, it's called citrus, that I didn't care for as much
  12. I'm leaning towards the yellow because as you say it would be different and it would be a Spring/Summer bag. However, the green is appealing to me as well, but I would like to get a Botkier in Hunter green so I want to extend my purse color palette. :P I've noticed a lot of greens around as well, but somehow I thought that was last season's colors and I was just catching the clearance sales. (That's the only way I shop!:lol: )
  13. still like the yellow. such a happy springtime color!!
  14. ditto.
  15. Gawd! If the girl would just hang it on her shoulder and calm down I could tell if it 's for me! LOL!
    It looks pretty cute!