Bulga butterfly?

  1. So what do people think of this bag? In terms of quality and style? Think the design is pratical? I've heard the leather is like buttah!

  2. I wuv it. I need one STAT. I obviously can never have enough schlep sacks.
  3. Well, they are on sale at ishopblush.com for 40% off! The promo code is winter. That's what's leading to my interest in a Bulga!
  4. It's cute, but not for me personally. I believe they are rather long, and I'm only 5'3" :sad:
  5. When I first saw JSimpson with the red, I didn't care for it, but now I really like it, drawn to it actually, the colors are beautiful
  6. That's good to know. I'm 5'4 and hate when bags are too long!
  7. I have that bag in that color, but not in that size. The medium is perfect for me, and I am 5' 1"! I love my Bulga. It's unique and soft and functional. And the closure isn't just the drawstring, it has a good magnetic snap too.
  8. Has anyone purchased from Blush before?
  9. I'm 5'8" and with the amount of junk I tote around, the bigger the better.
  10. I have that bag in dark brown, it is a great weekend bag.
  11. I like the medium bag better. I think it's better suited for petite gals like ourselves and they still come in those great colors. I've never owned a Bulga but I have heard from other sources that you'll know it's a Bulga by touching it w/o even looking at it. Love the color too!
  12. i have the medium in yellow and like the other petite girls, its the right size for me. its a great casual bag and the leather is really distinctive and soft.
  13. Great-looking bag and great color. From reading this thread I'd probably have to go with the medium since I'm only 5'1".
  14. Though I like how it looks, it probably wouldn't be a workable style for me. I need to be able to find stuff easily in my bag without having to root around.
  15. I really like the bag in the aubergine colour, it looks so delicious !
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