Bulga Butterfly Satin Blue Pics

  1. I received this bag and was going to send it back because of a stitching irregularity and variations in color, but everytime I go to pack it up, I can't do it. I start feeling how soft it is and trying it on and wait just one more day. I think I've fallen in love! :heart:

    Anyway, here are pics. Mine doesn't seem as deep a color as the other one I saw posted here, but it is still a nice color. And dh said the stitching would not cause any problems and is not visible. I would just exchange it, but it seems whenever I do that the next one has a worse problem! So it is a question of whether I want the devil I know or the one I don't.

    Anyway, without further ado. What do you think?

  3. Thanks for sharing that pic :smile: I was just browsing the B & G site, noticed that bag and wondered what the Satin Blue color looked like since it wouldn't show on the B & G site. I like it, it's pretty. :yes:

    I've never owned a Bulga purse. Is this your first? Don't know if I should ask what you think of the quality ???

    If you are falling in love....Give it a bit more time and see if "it comes to you" :smile: From my own experience, if something bothers me about a bag from the very beginning, it's hard for that something to go away and stop "haunting" me :sad: KWIM?

    Good luck whatever you decide :smile:
  4. Except for that stitching irregularity, the bag is perfect. The leather is so soft, the lining is beautiful and I love the color. It is light and easy on the shoulder, yet the leather doesn't feel thin at all.

    I think I'll call Monday to see if they have any left in that color and maybe I'll try to exchange it. You're probably right that if it bugged me at first it won't stop bugging me. But if they don't have more in that color, I may have to keep it, as I can't find it anywhere else in that color!
  5. It's SO pretty!

  6. Are Bulga handmade?

    If so, you may well find that the replacement has some sort of irregularity, too.

    If I were you, assuming you can afford it and they have another one, I would keep this one and order the other one and then make a decision between the two.

    Otherwise, you may exchange this bag and find that the other one has a worse problem and/or is not as nice in other ways and by then it may be too late to retrieve the original.

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  7. If you bought it at Revolve, there aren't any left. So it would have to be a return rather than an exchange! If that's the case, I'd keep it for sure. Hardly noticeable.
  8. See, that's my fear - that I'd exchange it for a different one, and that one would have a different but similar or worse issue. I've waited too long to have them send another and keep this one. They would have to pass in the mail.

    Like I said, I love the bag. Do I gamble that a different one will be better or not?
  9. Keep it, I say. :smile: