Bulga Butterfly in purple??

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  1. Ok ladies,

    Have any of you ever seen a Bulga Butterfly tote in purple? I saw a girl carrying one on yesterday and I almost tackled her! (She told me she got it last year in the States.) I was tempted to ask her if I could stroke her purse, but seeing we were in the bowels of the subway, I thought she might take it the wrong way. :lol:

    Anyway - I have to have one! But I've never, ever seen one in this colour...I'm hoping someone can confirm a sighting. Doubtful I'll ever be able to lay my hands on one of these babies, but never say never! :nuts:
  2. Funny that you mentioned that Jade!

    I have seen a purple Bulga before - I believe the colour is called plum! But I did not see it on a Bulga Butterfly though - but on a Bulga Soft Crescent Shape Tote - I think it was the bag you returned to Revolve!

    But I saw it back in December when I was in Chicago - I don't know if they are still around!
  3. Ya! I've seen a purple Bulga in a couple different styles as well, but I just loved it on the butterfly bag. Honestly TDF! :heart:
  4. I was actually just doing a search trying to find the purple bulga. I saw it in a boutique almost over a year ago. It was a dark purple, so gorgeous... i don't know if its available anymore!! :crybaby:

    But yes that is definitely a color!!! :heart:
  5. Jade: As a matter of fact, *I* have this bag. And it is TDF... you are talking about the large butterfly, yes? If you are, PM me and I might could help you find one.. DG

  6. I bet! I have also seen purple Bulgas, but don't know if they were made in that style.
  7. If anyone sees one for a good price i've been DYING for one!!!!
  8. K i did some searching and there is this boutique (the one where i saw the purple bulga) in scottsdale close to where i use to live and i guess they have a website and guess what! They have the purple large butterfly bulga!!!! Heres the website- http://www.mahsa.biz/products.asp?cat=61

    ENJOY!!! I think i might have to snatch up the purple Schuaparelli tote :yes:

  9. Just to follow up, I did check out the site but it turns out that this is a very old link that Google copied. I called Mahsa, and they don't even have an online site anymore, and those particular bags are long gone. :crybaby:

    If anyone else sees this bag while surfing the web, can you please PM me? I'm dying to get one.
  10. Ok, and this is how stupidly crazed I am...I just called Bulga and spoke to someone in their office. She said this bag hasn't been made for 2 to 3 years and there are none in their inventory. Guess I'm SOL. Ah well, there's just some bags in life you have to get over. Sadly, this is another one that I can now add to that list.

    I guess I'll just have to find a fantastic plum bag to console myself! :idea:
  11. OH NO!!! I didn't even know that.... I guess your best shot will be ebay?! I really wanted a plum color also!!!!! I'll keep on the look out for the both of us!
  12. You know something.....I never hesitate to ask any woman I see with a bag that I admire just where the heck she got it...........if someone were to compliment me, I'd just would love to give her all the information I had about the bag I carried. :P
  13. Actually, I only asked the girl if the bag she was carrying was a Bulga. She freely offered up the info that she got it in the States last year. I figured it'd be long gone with those odds so I didn't bother. :rolleyes:

    I'll know better next time.
  14. ^--- Its so pretty!!!!.... but I have a feeling in the next 3 days that its on auction for its going to go way up for a used bulga... if your going to spend close to retail amount might as well get a new one....