bulga butterfly and other drawstring bags

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  1. can anyone tell me where cani buy the bulga butterfly bag(large) under$300?

    i like the drawstrings bags like the bulga one,but it's quite difficult to find.
    do u have any other suggestions?
  2. The Bulga ones can usually be found on Ebay...
  3. I'm interested, too. They have a Gertrude that I need at some point.
  4. Try Here! or ebay.
  5. but i want the satin blue one...

    any other good drawstring bags advice?
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  7. The Bulgas are nice but I don't care for the knobby bottom corners, they almost look like a deformity. I hear the leather is very nice though. Now and again they pop up on Bluefly.

  8. I snagged both of my Bulga butterflies from BlueFly for $270 each; I'd keep checking there, now and again they pop up. There's also eBay and BagBorroworSteal.