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  1. Dear Ladies of the Purse Forum,

    Please accept my invitation and visit bulgabags.blogspot.com. This is a new blog devoted to all news, inhouse sales, fashion and culture relating to Bulga handbags. I have been a huge fan of this forum and I know that many of you are Bulga fans. I hope that you visit often to find out about the latest from Bulga including information on the upcoming sample sale in the fall.

    Thanks so much - I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. Good luck with blog!! Can't wait for sample sale news! :smile:
  3. Just curious. Are you affiliated with Bulga?
  4. Jade I think so, that is the person that posted about the Bulga sample sale a few weeks back. I intend to join the forum so I can ask WHO in the heck is designing their "beauty-challenged" fall handbags! hehe! I LOVE Bulga but my word their new bags are rather ugly...
    update - logged into the blog and yes, this person does work for Bulga.
  5. yes I am affiliated with Bulga
  6. Hey, cool! A whole blog devoted to Bulga. Me like.

    I had one of your crescent bags, and really liked it.

    Question: Does Bulga ever have sample sales, and do they ever take place in L.A.?
  7. An L.A. Bulga sale would be great. I only have one Bulga, but I love it and want more!
  8. Yes we had our first ever sample sale last month. I'd love to have an LA sample sale - our second one will again be in NY. I'll keep you updated. :smile:
  9. i have a crescent bag too- and it's such a delight to carry! the leather is among the softest i've ever handled and i am a sucker for lady-like satchel styling.

    thanks for the blog link!
  10. I always want a bulga bag...thanks for the link!
    (I love the bag in the 2nd pic, is it out yet?)
  11. I love the butterfly frame. I just today discovered bulga. i will be there at the sample sale for sure! keep me posted. I was so bummed to have missed the june one
  12. I'll definitely be adding bulga to my reader; I've really come to appreciate this designer/manufacturer.
  13. Does anyone know if more of the medium butterfly totes are coming out for fall?
  14. hi- can you give us aheads up if it will be in sept, october or november- not specific date but just an estimate - THANKS!! I dont want to miss this for sure!!
  15. Is this really allowed?