Bulga bag, Oyster and Cream the same?

  1. Just ordered (against all good advice..) this Bulga bag in cream. I'm wondering if this is a true Ivory, as I've seen the Oyster colour, which has a hint of green in it. Does anybody know if this bag was done in both Oyster and Cream? The colour looks different in these photos, but photos can be so deceiving...TIA:smile:

    This is the Cream


    and Oyster


    Oyster does look a bit darker...
  2. I haven't seen the Cream IRL, but I once owned this bag in Oyster, and it was very yellow-ish looking in outdoor light. I think the Cream may be a little lighter (more off-white?) Maybe someone here has this bag in Cream...
  3. I have this bag in Oyster, and it doesn't have a greenish color to it, but rather very light brown under-toans - I wouldn't really call it Ivory - I think Ivory has more white in it - the Oyster definitely has a hint of brown.