bulga bag in london

  1. My sister has it and its gorgeous! I think its more of a fall bag - but she never stops wearing it. Even in the NY heat! :smile: I love it.
  2. I think it's a nice neutral, but I'd worry about it getting dirty since it's a lighter colour.
  3. I think it's neutral enough to be all seasons!
  4. the tan looks like an all year color... so you're good :smile:
  5. I just got a Bulga bag in this color and I think the color is close to khaki; a great neutral that I could use all year round. It did already pick up some marks from every day use (I admit, I haven't been too careful) but the way the leather is, the marks don't really show. Hope you enjoy your bag!
  6. I would carry it all year long, it's a beautiful bag btw.