Bulga Bag Breaks Ban

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  1. First I must confess that I have fallen off of the Purse Ban Wagon. I have purchased my first Bulga through the NM website. It is a beautiful chocolate brown triple zipper bag and it came yesterday. It is perhaps one of the nicest bags I have ever owned. It is more for Fall, so I will continue carrying my Annie (who I still love best), but I can't wait to carry it.

    I am so happy :yes:that I joined the Purse Forum :heart::heart::heart:because I don't think I would have ever carried anything but LV if I hadn't. You guys have opened my eyes to the possibilities, THANKS!!!!!
  2. Hey!!!! Congratulations!! Purse bans only work until you find the next perfect bag!
  3. Congrats, Bulga handbags are beautiful!
  4. Congrats! All these ladies are enablers, aren't they? lol
  5. Bulga broke my ban a few months ago...:tup::tup:
  6. I can't believe the quality of this Bulga bag, well worth breaking the ban!!! And yes Mama2anangel, there are many enablers lurking here at TPF!!!

    I'm happy to see that I am not the only one who broke the ban for Bulga!!!:yahoo:
  7. If it makes you feel better, I broke my purse ban in less than two weeks. I am weak and worthless!
    Enjoy your Bulga - I'm enjoying mine :yes:
  8. Bulga makes divine bags...fabulous leather and you got a great deal. Enjoy!
  9. I too am on a purse ban and am very tempted by Bulgas! Please...someone help me. I've made it 4 weeks so far!
  10. pictures!!!!
  11. Enjoy and post pics!
  12. Congrats on breaking the ban :smile: please post pics! I love Bulga!
  13. Oh and forgot to mention, I also have this triple zipper and LOVE it. Carries everything, softest leather, just dynamite. I bought it in 3 colors... and I know you got a great price from NM, congrats again. It IS a fantastic bag..it's so wonderful when I carry it, I pet and stroke the leather all day! And then I just have to sniff the leather! I think I am nuts! But I do love Bulga!
  14. Congrats! Bulga's are the best :tender:
  15. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I love my new Bulga and want to post pictures for you but don't know how:crybaby:. I need to get one of my teenagers to do it for me, but you know how teens are, they do everything in their own time.

    As soon as I can, I will post pix.

    Thanks to all you Bulga girls out there who made me realize that breaking the ban was well worth it for this bag. And Diamond Girl, you are not nuts, I always pet my leather bags. Am I pathetic or what:nuts:.