BULGA bag anyone??? calling all BULGA owners!

  1. i was going to get my botkier crosby satchel tonite, but, fell in love with a "bulga" bag...have any of you ever heard of bulga? i love the bag but have never heard of it before...it's in a brownish/taupe color, has studs and is drawstring...got it at Nordstroms...would love to know if anyone knows about bulga bags! thanks!:yahoo:
  2. I have that bag. I love it. The leather is to die for.
  3. I have both a Botkier and a Bulga (dark brown crescent satchel) and prefer the leather on the Bulga..it's SOOO soft & squishy- nice choice!
  4. can we see pictures!! thanks!
  5. I adore my bulga.

  6. ohhhhhhhhh very yummy !! what is that style called?
    what is the price range?
    thanks!! thats a hot bag
  7. That is the medium hobo... I got it awhile ago, can't recall the price but it was between $400-500. Very comfy and light and always gets noticed.
  8. I have 2 Bulga bags. One is a navy Pudding flap tote and the other one is a Satin blue studded tote. I also have 3 Botkier bags. And I, too, prefer the leather on Bulga as well. It's definitely softer. My next Bulga purchase would probably be:


    I just love this color!
  9. ohh really baby k, can i see pictures of your bulgas??!!

    i am thinking that may have to come next in my list of bags!!
  10. I have two Bulgas -- a taupe studded satchel and a chocolate large pudding tote. The leather is beautiful and soft. The bags are also lightweight which is a requirement for me. They are great bags and I hope to add another one later this year.
  11. Sorry Bessie, no pictures yet. I won't have my camera back till another 2 weeks.
  12. I got this Bulga in November at KARIZMA Boutique at half price-around $250. The leather is wonderful and the bag is so light weight. I also tried a new brand when Elezar handbags had their first ever online sale of their samples used for photo shoots. I got the Navy Boskin which retails for $390 for $75. They had a lot of beautiful bags that I posted about two Fridays ago. Anyway, when I was at Nordstrom the other day the SA asked me if this Elezar handbag was a Bulga. So you know that they are nice bags. By the way-Shellie at kARIZMA JUST CALLED ME TO SAY THAT THEY HAVE 30% OFF EVERYTHING EVEN SALE ITEMS WITH THE CODE "tOUTIE" Happy shopping!:yahoo:
  13. I'd love to see pics. too. I'm considering getting a pudding tote and would especially love to see the blue colors that you have.
  14. thank you all SO much for the feedback!!! i LOVE the new bag and am SO glad that i bought it instead of the botkier satchel...the leather on the bulga is like BUTTAH!!!! it just looks like a rich bag...again, thanks all!!!!
  15. I've heard nothing but good things about Bulga and it seems that there is now another fan. Would love to see your pics and congratulations on your new love.