Bulga - $155 @ NM online

  1. wow. what a great deal. thanks!
  2. I grabbed one! Thanks for posting. :smile:
  3. WAAAHHH! It's gone! Oh well, I have spent too much $$$ lately. Congrats to you ladies though!
  4. Wow, that I was fast. I hope I actually get mine & the order doesn't get cancelled. You never know with NM.
  5. Damn.:sad: That bag is gorgeous in the banana color. I just used $120 in Neiman Marcus giftcards to buy random crap, because I didn't see anything I liked at the time.
  6. My bag arrived today & I am so dissapointed because I am sending it back. :sad:

    The size and shape are perfect for me and I love the lining. The color is beautiful, and the leather is fantastic and buttery soft. However...the leather also has numerous stains & marks on both side of the bag so back it goes.

    I was planning on using it this weekend. Oh well, such is life.
  7. Yes, this is the problem sometimes with these heavily marked down bags. They're sold out and suddenly *poof* they're back! This is usually because an unsatisfied customer returned it - for reasons exactly such as these. It's one of those roll the dice situations. I hope you're not responsible for shipping charges. I don't think you should be.
  8. I don't think I should be either. I'm going to call them & see if they'll cover the shipping. I'm not too optimistic but we'll see...
  9. I ordered this bag on their second cut sale and it got cancelled on me!!!
    I guess is was not meant to be.
    I still dont understand how upscale stores can do this to their customers. If they get a returned dirty used bag, get rid of it, not send it to another customer! I guess this is why they are upscale, they take our money.
  10. Sorry to hear that Deborilla! I hope they'll cover the shipping costs for you. When a bag is so used and abused looking, shouldn't they send it to the outlets or something like that? I always thought that's what happens to things that are "irregular".