Bulbous nose and wide alar

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  1. Hey all,
    Does anyone have good recommendations on surgeons who do a good job fixing bulbous and wide-alar noses? I'd like refine the tip, extend my nose so as to make it look longer and also to make the nostrils less visible from the front. Some of the pictures I've seen look a bit off since the nostrils were round in the before shot and more like triangular slits in the after shot...

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  2. I'm not sure about recommendations, but it'd be good if you do your research on the specific procedures involved to acquire your desired nose. After which, simply proceed for a consultation with the few clinics you've shortlisted. Which then begs the question of which surgeons are good.

    There has been a general consensus on the few clinics that you should try to avoid but overall most surgeons are probably well skilled and apt in their private practices (http://forum.purseblog.com/threads/the-ultimate-korean-ps-resource-thread-_.837207). Surgery is pretty much a hit or miss in my opinion, with years of experience increasing the chances of a successful cosmetic surgery (personal opinion: chances of a successful surgery is somewhere around 60-65%). You should be well aware of the underlying consequences post surgery that may occur and is out of control of the doctor so weigh the benefits before choosing a particular procedure. All the best on your journey, cheers!
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  3. I am looking at MVP and Cooki right now. I have a similar nose and like their before after pics.

    Hi, did you hear this from locals? This is one of the main things I want to do :smile:
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  4. Thanks, is that people you know or from Purse Blog? I saw a really good review on here, but the doctor who did that moved to different clinic (Page) :sad:

    Here, the before & after selfies I like :smile:

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  5. Do you know what style nose they do? I want the Barbie nose so if they're good at it that is great :biggrin:


    It's called Page. Idk if he's still there but I posted the link to the doctors page here. I can't read Korean :P Does it say if Dr Jeong is there?

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  6. Thank you both so much! I'm still in the process of researching but these are the best ones I've seen so far :smile: When are you guys planning on going to Korea?
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  7. I'm doing FC this autumn I think, and then the clinics are all busy over Korean winter break (Dec - Feb) so rhino in March :smile:
  8. Oh wow, that's so soon! Wishing you all the best with your surgery :smile: I may have to wait until next summer since my breaks are so short.
    I was looking at MVP just now and their results are so dramatic but they also look incredible. I've tried fillers in the nose bridge and a bit in the tip but they wear off too quickly. I really hope next June works out.
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  9. Thanks. Good luck to you too :biggrin:

    I was thinking of Item clinic too, but I'm not sure if they narrow the nasal bones which is what I want. I am going to consult at least 3 or 4 clinics :smile:
  10. Maybe you can keep this post updated once your rhinoplasty is done and goes well! I'd love to hear how it goes. I've been debating for 3 years already, I need to get on it! Haha.
  11. I'll do a surgery blog on here for both trips :smile:

    Better to take more time IMO and do ur research.. I was going to go this March, but I'm glad my boss wouldn't let me take holiday cuz I barely knew anything about PS haha :P
  12. Here is the website to Page and Dr. Jeong is the second doctor listed so yes he is still at the clinic.


    I have posted my opinion about MVP on this link along with pictures.

  13. Hello, can you let us know where you find those foreign patients? Because there's only one review with pictures on purse about The Line is from Yukina89. But the rhinoplasty surgeon that gave good result at The Line has moved a year ago. So it's hard to says if they are still able to produce Barbie nose at The Line.
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    I just realized that this post has been deleted.


    I had posted pictures of MVP so people can see their works but now the post are deleted. Hmm I wonder why? Probably someone report it because they don’t want us to know the truth about MVP clinic. But you can check out her Instagram, lengyein, for more pictures. She had her nose revision at MVP. Look at her before nose, it was slim and define. After her surgery, the nose tip is wide and bulbous. That’s why they says don’t trust what you read on purse forum because certain people receive discount to promote their clinic or worse immature who haven't been to Korea yet think they know everything and suggest clinics to people. Good luck and be safe Teeteetee.

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  15. Thank you for the post, I will keep these things in mind when I do my research! :smile: