built-in self control

  1. my secret - go in to the store with a toddler who has a full bladder. i knew the clock was ticking, bought my perfume and got out in time to be informed "mommy, i need to pee." predictable as the day is long.

    saw the croc birkin with diamonds. no kelly bags in sight. a few 27 bolides, cute display of mini evelynes, some in suede, etc. etc. i have no memory for this, sadly. a customer was wearing a large size kelly backpack in box that was well-worn in so i got to see some aged box in person. much much softer then i would think from how it looks new. saw tons of hermes outside, mostly a black birkin parade it seemed. oh, did see one light brown ostrich kelly crossing the street.
  2. Oh HiHeels.....actually sounds like Hermes heaven to me. It's so nice to see some beautiful bags, isn't it? I love that store and the SA's are so nice there.

    Love the story about your darling toddler....I remember those days very well!!!!!
  3. ^ That is SOOO my life! hehe
    great story!
  4. HH, very clever of you to "stack the deck" regarding the control issue. Think of the extra money you could make standing outside the store and renting out the little one to others who are in need of self control! You'll have made enough in no time for two Kellys!:idea: :lol:
  5. LOL...I so remember those days!
  6. Hiheels...your bag is out there...it is on the "to be made" list as I type!!!!
  7. shopmom i got the new nora ephron book and there is a chapter on parenting entitled "your child is an adolescent" and it sounds like you could have written it.

    gracekelly the irony does now occur to me that her lack of bladder control (or my fear of her lack of control) fostered my own self-control to stay focussed.

    kellybag that's a nice thought!

    dd is going to use the little H shopping bag they gave us for halloween tomorrow (it's the right color). i will paste some appropriate design over the front. she held the bag all the way home, causing some people to do a double take at her in her stroller.

    overall it was a nice H fix for me.
  8. whoa DD is too cute!!

    so you looked like the mom buying $$$ item for a little child..so funny! :lol:
  9. hmmm. so nevermind is a birkin right for a 16yo. is anything hermes right for a 3.5yo. i think no! lol
    hopefully i just looked like a very trusting mom letting her dd hold her shopping bag.