Built in ironing center

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  1. I'm thinking about installing one of these in my laundry room. The Lowe's and Home Depot where I live stopped selling them about 6 months ago; not sure if there is a specific reason they are no longer being sold. I've considered purchasing online, but the reviews I've read are mixed (some saying they are great, and others complaining about them not being well made/breaking, etc.) and if I'm going to spend $200-400, plus installation costs, I want to make sure it's something that won't break after a year or so.

    If any of you ladies have one, do you like it? Where did you get yours and what brand is it? Is it worth having one?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. Is this what you're thinking of buying:

    It looks pretty nifty! Wouldn't mind having one like that.

    Two thoughts/concerns:

    From the picture it's hard to tell how well that fold-out ironing board is mounted, and whether it would be apt to break.

    Also, I looked at the specs and it doesn't say what materials it is made of. It says "Light Brown Wood" but that's listed under "Frame Color/Finish Family." Doesn't actually say that it's made of wood. I looked at some of the other ironing board centers on the web site and they say "oak material." What the heck is "oak material"? DH and I have had problems with things purchased pre-made from home fix-up stores--like closet doors that have turned out to be not wood at all, but rather some sort of molded cardboard-like wood composite. It looks deceptively like wood, until you paint it and it completely self-destructs from the moisture. Just falls to pieces like wet paper. And it's so light the door could serve as a paper airplane. So I would never order something like this online without first taking a good look IRL at how it's put together.

    Another thought. There are companies that sell cabinets and furniture exclusively for sewing rooms, both home sewing rooms and sewing rooms in schools. This stuff is usually fairly indestructible. I bet some of these companies sell similar ironing board cabinets, but ones that are more durable than the sort at Home Depot. You could probably find them by Googling or asking at a sewing machine/vacuum store.
  3. Yes, that's exactly what I'd like to purchase! You raised some very good points about the material used to construct it. I would have preferred to look at them in person, but since they no longer carry them in store, I was unable to do that.

    I'll look into stores that cater to sewing rooms; thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Nobody has one???
  5. I love that idea and would actually prefer that, unfortunately, the laundry room isn't wide enough to install additional cabinets along any of the walls :sad: The only cabinets we have are above the washer and dryer.
  6. My two friends have them. They have had them for over ten years and love it. I have never heard of breakage or anything going wrong. I wish I had the space in my laundry room for one.
  7. Thanks! Glad to know some people like them and have durable ones! :smile:
  8. Have one that was designed in to the house when it was built. (I don't iron, things go to the dry cleaner.) Or they don't get wrinkled. So I've never used it.
    My DH asked me if I have ever ironed in my life. Haha funny guy.

    Asked him if he knows how to cook or run a washing machine. :woot: He learned how to run the dishwasher this summer! :panic:
  9. Vegas, do you mind taking a picture of the one in your laundry room? I've only been able to find stock photos and would really like to see in an actual home. Also, does yours have a company name on it?

  10. I thought about getting something like this, but I didn't have enough wall space and I didn't like the way the cabinets looked.

    I ended up installing a double hook on the wall, and I just hang the cheap ironing board on the hook. I plan to make a white cotton sateen ironing board cover out of a sheet, maybe with a contrasting sash to make it look a little more decorative.

    I figure it doesn't take much more effort to set up an ironing board than it does to open a cabinet and pull it out from a wall. (Unless you are an avid sewer, then it makes a ton of sense - when I was a child, we had a fold out ironing board that my Dad made in the sewing room.) The trick is to find a storage location that works well for a hot iron after you are finished.

    I like to plan the week's outfits in advance so I only have to pull out the ironing board once a week.
  11. Mine was built by the builder so it has no name. Sorry but don't do pics. I can barely get on the internet. lol
  12. :lol:

    We just got used to wearing a lot of wrinkled clothes around here.

    I have an arrangement like the above in my sewing room. Got an ironing board with bright blue metals legs and bought some brightly-colored retro ticking off ebay to make covers so it doesn't look so dour.

    I bet the fold-out ironing board your dad mounted was super-super-indestructible. My dad would build handy things like that all over the house when I was a kid and I swear everything was reinforced with steel and concrete and massive leg bolts screwed into the very frame of the house. NOTHING ever broke. ;)
  13. Thanks everyone!

    Would love to hear more input from others! :smile:
  14. I have one but it was put in when the place was built. I honestly can't remember a time I've used it, but I guess it's nice knowing it's there. If you iron a lot it would definitely be convenient!