Built FJORD Tough!

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  1. I just wanted to start a thread about my love of Vache Fjord. I find it extremely durable, basically waterproof and scratch proof. It is also very sturdy, which is nice in larger bags or in bags that require more structure or if you simply don't like a slouchy bag.

    I have been caught in total downpours and when I got home I simply wiped my bag with a towel and no damage whatsoever! I am also tough on my bag. It is large and gets banged around a lot and no scratches or white marks from walls (it is a black bag).

    Another nice feature is that this is NOT a leather that the COUNTERFEITERS have caught on to yet. It seems that most FAKES are in Box calf, Togo or Clemence. This is another reason to love Fjord!
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  2. I just have to say, that coming from Detroit, I really love the title of this thread!!!!!
  3. Hey I love your title as well! The info is nice..Would love to see you working your bag! Hope you are having a great weekend!
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  4. I don't even come from Detroit and I, too, love the title of the thread!
  5. I just came by to say the same thing!
    I don't have a ford but this thread made me smile!
  6. Me too! I don't have a Ford or a fjord for that matter, but totally cute thread title and I'm sure it will prove informative.
  7. fjord is such a great leather -its got structure and its elegant. yet its super care-free
  8. Thanks everyone! I thought the title was pretty hilarious myself.

    Black Fjord also has a sparkle, like asphalt in the sunshine. I think it is masculine and elegant.

  9. agreed and thats why i love it--the shimmer gives a bit of elegance
  10. That's why I love ya! You always make me laugh!

    Now I have to get something in Fjord.
  11. DUCHESS, I am picturing something in Marron Fonce w/ GHW for you.
  12. LOL! I love the title of this thread! I definitely need to think about adding a fjord bag to my wishlist. Is it heavy?
  13. IMHO Fjord weighs no more than Clemence. I think historically it was a heavier leather, so a vintage piece might be. The new Fjord is not as heavy as it once was.
  14. Castorny, would you say fjord is a veiny leather? Or just about the same as togo or clemence?
  15. It can be extremely veined and also unveined. It varies from bag to bag or hide to hide. I like it either way, but I know there are some that have an aversion to a veined bag.