Building up a collection?questions

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  1. Hey everyone! I am new to TPF but came across it recently and now I am inspired to begin building up my handbag collection.

    What do you think some good investments would be? Also, what where some of your first designer handbag purchases?

    I am just 15 years old so my budget is sadly limited :crybaby:
  2. buy something you love and that you can use maybe a louis vuitton pochette
  3. welcome!
  4. thanks! those are cute but not practical for me to carry I wouldn't even begin to be able to fit all of my stuff into one haha. I do think I am going to opt for an LV...probably a Speedy though
  5. I agree with the pochette. :tup:

    I've been "collecting" handbags for over 10 years but didn't get bitten by the higher end designers bug until five years ago. :yahoo:
  6. i agree with everyone. the lv pouchette is a perfect "gateway" high-end handbag. it was my first when i was 16. :smile:

    do you like marc by marc jacobs bags? some of the items might be a little expensive for you still, but i would say it's more in your budget range than, say, the marc jacobs line itself. the quality and value of those bags are terrific.
  7. I agree that the pouchette would be great as a starter I am just hesitant about it because it would not be functionable as an everyday bag for me. I tend to carry a lot and little bags just are not my thing.

    Actually a few M by MJ bags caught my eye the other day. Definetly more affordable for me right now.

    So many decisions but my 16th birthday is next month so....:yahoo:
  8. What type of bags are you looking for? Do you prefer certain shapes (i.e., slouchy, structured, shoulder bags, etc)?

    Coach, Dooney, Furla, and Longchamp are some other designers that are in a similar price range to M by MJ that make good quality bags.

    The Botkier Bianca is another bag I recommend. It comes in a clutch, small, medium, and large. It is not as classic of a style as the others (a little more edgy) but they are a great value. They have really soft leather, nice hardware, and suede lining. They are the only bags I have seen with suede lining in that price range. They run $400-700 at retail but you can find them at the end of season or on Ebay for less (many cases half price). This is my favorite bag right now.

    The Gerard Darel "24 hour" bag is another that has a lot of fans on this board. They are usually $300-400 for the leather ones.
  9. Im usually drawn towards structured bags but it really doesn't matter. I like large bags though...very roomy because I am always carrying lots of junk with me. Lately, I've been carrying satchels but I like shoulder bags too.

    I liked the Botkier Bianca a lot but I am not sure if it suits me. Same goes with the 24 hour bag.

    haha I see so many cute ones it is just so hard to figure out what I should get first.

    Thanks so much for your help by the way. You helped a lot and I am going to look more into the designers you listed. Wow, everyone here is so helpful and kind.
  10. on second thought...the more I look at the Botkier Bianca the more I fall in love:drool:....*sigh*