Building Patina

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  1. I thought it would be fun to have a thread where all of us can post progess of our vachetta bags. (ex: Today, I noticed a slight hint of golden honey brown coming...)

    You can post pictures and whatnot.

    I think this should be fun!

    For me: I started really using my new Monogram Lockit this past 2 weeks, and the leather is not very shiny, a hint darker, and overall it looks glossy.

    But, damn the Vachetta bottom, haha. I got some marks on the bottom. But, its not that big of a deal!
  2. ITA!! I always wonder how does it look when the vachetta starts to patina especially in lockit. Btw, Sophia would you mind posting pics of your patina-ed lockit! Do you love it?
  3. Hey!

    Yes, I love the Monogram Lockit. Its a casual and dress-up bag for me. The shape is so diverse.

    When I first got the bag, the vachetta was pale white. Now, Im beginning to notice a leather difference. Ill post pictures soon!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.