Building Collapses in NYC

  1. Every PF lady and gent and family ok??? :cry:

    Here is the link

    The Subs were crazy today... but this explains it. I hope everyone around that area is ok- and if anyone was in the building they are ok and can be rescued.
  2. I hope there was no one in the building, and if there is I hope that they get out safely.
  3. Wow,
    I hope that there was nobody in the building at the time, and if there were I hope that they are okay!!!!
  4. Oh my goodness! I hope there was no one inside!
  5. O MY! Again, I hope everyone was out of the building....
  6. Oh god, how scary! I hope everyone is okay!
  7. Me too!
  8. That is so frightening! I echo the feeling that I hope everyone was out
    of the building.
  9. omg......i hope everyone and anyone in the building or in the surrounding area is okay
  10. I'm watching this on Fox News right now, and they are saying that the only person actually in the building was a doctor who had his/her office there. The doctor was pulled out of the rubble and now they are reporting that the entire explosion was the result of a botched suicide attempt on the part of that doctor. That's so sad and terrible.
  11. So far everybody has been accounted for, The theory seems to be, that this indeed was a suicide attempt gone wrong. :sad:
  12. Everything is OK here... it was really really crazy this AM. Also, if you're on the east side, the 6 train was delayed because of a sick person that needed medical attention at 23rd street and someone got hit by the subway at Astor Place.. that gave me the creeps :crybaby: I saw a bodybag and everything while i was smushed on the subway riding the express track. (the train was CROWDED today)... That's also why all the trains were all over the place, the local 6 was going express below grand central.
  13. Megs is this near you??????
  14. No one seems to have been killed. But sounds as if the blast was less than a block from the Hermes boutique on Madison. Maybe they'll bring some Birkins out of the backroom now?
  15. ^ A bit... but on the East side and I'm on the West...

    I am fine and everyone at work is fine. Just such a scary situation!