Building Closet/Le Pretty Parlor Project

  1. After two long yrs, my DH agrees to let me convert the family room into closet, but I will make more like boutique rather than then california closet style. Initially, he did not like to build the closet or attach/anchor too much into the wall because uncertain if we would stay here more than 3 yrs. Previously, the family used as 2 office stations, my DH and I work from home. He moved his office out. Then as 2 babies come along, we have much stuff and use as storage.

    I am not artsy or good designer... I am open for suggestion. I have friend and sister that normally shop at my closet. I wanted to femanine, pretty, girly, and relaxing room. Please keep in mind that I am early 30's.

    Will the present stage of the room shortly. Please don't freak out.
  2. Looking forward to seeing pics! The ladies here will give you lots of great advice, they really helped me.

    It seems like you want more stand alone display units like Mariah style, most closets have some sort of built in function or racking, some really cool closets have the rail effect/system which looks fab. So much to choose from!
  3. Here is current room looks like,so embrassed. I managed to sort some of the books and took a load to Goodwill.

  4. Sammyjose, how does your closet look? Did you DIY or hire contrator to do it? Mariah Carey style?!? I have not seen her closet yet.
  5. i spy a pretty pink chair! that should definitely stay! i also like the wall color so you're already off to a good start.

    a lot of people like the free standing ikea pieces.
  6. I am your age and working on the exact same project in a spare room at the front of my house! It's something I'm really excited about even if I am only at the stage of picking paint colours and looking for antique dress racks.

    The dress racks are proving hard to source, but I really have a picture in mind of some old, ornate racks to hang my gorgeous pieces on. I also want to put up some shelving and set up a properly-lit vanity table for my perfume and make up. The purpose of the room is to be a feminine oasis for me.

    Do you have any rough ideas about colour schemes or how you want to store your things?
  7. Great eyes Betty! Pretty pink chair is a keeper. I just got that a week ago. My golf club is a keeper as well. I have been browsing on Ikea customize wardrobe.
  8. You have a nice space to work with i'm looking forward to seeing your progress
  9. I was looking at the antique clothes rack. I am thinking of free stand shelves for shoes and handbags display. Wardrobes, wall shelves, and rod rack.

    I like how this set up; however, DH did not think it's good and functional in term construction perspective.

    Color scheme: deep grape purple, and light pink.
  10. Hi, I wish it was Mariah style:nuts: It was a simple built in system, I used contractors to do it. I posted some pics on a thread I started asking about closets with doors or without. I updated the thread with the pics.
    With your space, you just need to sort your stuff out, you have a great space to work with:smile:
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  12. ooh la la - There was this article in the now defunct magazine domino about building a pretty dressing area in a spare room... searched for some pictures and I found it!

    The second and the last pics went together and those were my favorites - you can get some rolling racks and free standing shelves... I also think pretty rugs and a very big full length mirror


    More pictures in this link

    Good luck, I'm excited to see this project unfold.
    jenna 5.jpg jenna6.jpg jenna7.jpg jenna8.jpg
  13. SammyJoe: I just checked out your closet thread. They are gorgeous. Congrats! We can wait to see all your goods move in the new beautiful closet.

    Betty.Lee: Thanks for sharing your fav. Rolling racks are on my list. I cannot decide if I want 2 or 1. Oh, the armoire is beautiful. It would a fabulous to display handbags or shoes.
  14. Jeneen, Thanks for your search of link and pics. I love it they are very chic. I like free-standing shelves and rolling racks type. I think that is a direction that I will be heading toward.

    My kids got sick so did not have much time to work clear out the room, yet. Removing junk is in progress. 40% has removed on Sunday.

    Would it be too weird to have white stand-free shelves w/ black trim door? It's a reverse of this sample.
  15. May I offer a counterpoint.

    The advantage of closets is that they protect the contents from dust and light, both of which are detrimental to textiles. When open closets are featured in magazines, they are likely staged and/or have an elaborate temperature and light control system, in addition to a staff who takes care of the contents. (Boutiques also are temperature controlled, have revolving inventory, and are vacuumed daily for dust and dirt.) Lastly, clothes moths and other larvae type insects can smell textiles and will adore a huge room full of fabric. (Tightly sealed closets contain the smell somewhat, and are easier to protect and disinfect, in the event of a problem.) You will need to be vigilant about pest control.