Building a well-curated jewelry capsule collection


Nov 27, 2013
Getting inspired by the minimalist capsule wardrobe trend. Since real jewelry is so expensive, I've been trying very hard to purchase only well thought-out pieces that fill a niche in my jewelry wardrobe, and avoid duplicates that serve the same look/purpose. E.g only have 1 pair of diamond studs, 1 pair of pearl earrings, 1 solitaire diamond ring, 1 tennis bracelet, etc you get the idea.

But jewelry is so unique and sometimes you can't help falling in love with certain pieces. Although realistically I know that I only have two wrists and ten fingers, so how many rings and bracelets should you own?? I've been trying really hard to limit and be minimalist but it's hard.

Does anybody else try to actively curate your jewelry collection to a minimalist one?
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Sep 16, 2009
This is definitely I have a lot of pieces I have not worn in years (a lot of 14k gold pieces). I've been waiting to sell them, but in the mean time I've only purchased stuff that I will wear long term and that fits into my lifestyle.

I wear a pair of .9 ctw diamond studs, YG dbty necklace, 5 diamond u-prong ring and two YG bangles. That's it. I purchased the first two items within the past few years. I do plan on upgrading the studs and adding a few other pieces.

Even though I'm still relatively young, I don't plan on acquiring many other pieces. I don't like to switch out my jewelry. I know I'm the type of person who has 100 tops but I wear 10. Ok maybe not literally but I don't really have a need for a lot of options since I don't/won't wear them.

My mother on the other hand coordinates her jewelry with different outfits. For me, I wear such basic pieces that I just wear the same jewelry with everything. I don't think either way of doing things is wrong. I think it just emphasizes the person's style. If you like various pieces or if you like wearing the same 6 pieces that's fine too. Good luck with your decision!

FYI if I had an endless amount of money I think I would be more willing to have more items :lol:
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Dec 12, 2014
I'm into minimalism. I have fewer than 10 of each jewelry category:

9 pairs of earrings (I have double holes so I need more pairs),
6 rings,
5 necklaces,
2 bracelets,
10 brooches.
2 watches.

I used to have less, but I got bored and needed a little variety.

Now I have enough to give me variety, but not so much that I'm overwhelmed.
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Mar 27, 2006
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I have a minimalist collection but I didn't actively "curate" my jewelry wardrobe. It just happened naturally over the years. As I have grown more comfortable with myself and really learned what I like and dislike and what does and doesn't work for me, my pieces have been whittled down to just a few that I pretty much wear daily.
They are
1.82 carats round diamond e-ring
1.5 carats round diamonds eternity band that I wear as a wedding ring
2 ctw round diamond studs
8-9 mm white pearl studs
And a three stone ring that I had custom made. It is a 3/4 carats pigeon blood red Ruby flanked by two round diamonds weighing 1/2 carat each which were originally earring studs that my grandma received from my grandfather on her 50th birthday 45 years ago. I also have a 20" DBTY necklace from Helen Ficalora as well as a 24" one with several diamond initial charms. I never take them off unless I clean them. I don't wear watches or bracelets as I find them uncomfortable. I find these pieces go with every outfit and are appropriate for every occasion. I'm really trying to do the same with my wardrobe.


Jul 22, 2010
Great question, and great to hear that others are also doing the minimalist thing with their jewelry.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to quit our jobs and travel, and I found that having a bunch of costume jewelry in different colors to coordinate with different outfits was just such a waste. I couldn't be bothered anymore with putting on and taking off items each day and carting a bag of stuff around while traveling, so decided to go with all silver and white gold items that I could wear 24/7. I've curated it a bit over the past few years and this is what I wear now:
- white gold small sleeper hoop earrings (used to wear diamond studs but the backs were too uncomforable to sleep in)
- Tiffany entwined circles necklace (used to wear a monogram pendant but got sick of how the back clasp would keep moving to the front so picked a style that had a "fixed" focal point)
- wedding set on left hand
- a silver band from Birks on middle finger of right hand
- bracelet stack of Tiffany RRT small bead bracelet, Tacori blue topaz bracelet and a jade bangle that will be on my wrist until it breaks off as it was so darn friggin' painful to get on! (My hand was bruised for two weeks)

I have other pieces that I'll add or change up once in a while, but sold all the rest.


Nov 2, 2006
For the most part i wear the following:

- Rolex (left)
- either no ring or 4band gold and diamond ring (left)
-love bracelet (right)
- either no ring or Cartier juste in clou ring (right)
- either citrine drop earrings,diamond drop earrings or mikimoto pearl/diamond studs
- occasionally my dbty 0.2 ct necklace

All the rest stays in my box


Mar 29, 2012
I definitely agree! Trying to get more into the minimalist trend - buy less but buy better. For jewelry, I do have some costume pieces, mostly statement earrings, rings, and cuffs which I break out when I'm dressing up more than usual but nothing that's very pricey. I can't bring myself to buy expensive costume jewelry.

For everyday and nice jewelry, I try to keep it simple and only have a few more items on my wish list. Currently I have:
1. 1 tcw round diamond studs
2. 8mm pearl studs with small 0.1ct diamonds on each
3. David Yurman petite albion earrings
4. YG love bracelet
5. VCA MOP alhambra bracelet
6. RG DBTY necklace
7. 7.5-8mm akoya pearl necklace
8. Cartier watch

Hoping to add:
1. RG DBTY station bracelet to interchange with my VCA
2. another watch
3. YG/RG thin stacking rings
4. pear bezel diamond pendant necklace


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May 5, 2010
At home
I am older but I just started building my collection 4-5 years ago. I am cheap in that I don't like buying something I won't use a lot. So I have just these, and no costume jewelry. I would rather pay more for a forever piece.

E-ring 3 ct OEC and plain band. Never take off
2.3 ctw studs. Never take off
5 ctw tennis bracelet
Cartier love cuff
Cartier right hand ring
69 pointer pendant. Will only alternate with VCA
2 VCA sweet bracelets
VCA pendant
1.5ctw 5 stone ring
Tiffany aquamarine soleste double halo ring

More VCA is on my list. Wearing vca makes me feel so special. I'm addicted.