Building a walk in wardrobe... Help

  1. Hey girls and guys,
    I need your help, I can't seem to find an answer and my head is blank...
    I'm and renovating my new house and knockin in the bedroom next to my masterbedroom for a walkin robe. I would like to emphasise on my bags and shoes, anyone have any ideas or pictures to show me how i can design a walkin robe that can store my bags and display them beautifully? Maybe with a glass door so that they wont get dusty..
  2. Do you have IKEA in your country? Try the IKEA website to see--they have great wardrobes, some have glass doors. You get to design what you want.
  3. In my old closet I had a section built that I used for handbags, I didn't have doors or anything on it, that option sort of bothered me in the space. I can't remember the company we used for our closets then, as it was a while ago. I miss my old closet... However, if you're using a closet design company, they'll have lots of ideas. Or if you find a particular piece of furniture that you, you can incorporate that in the design.
  4. Check out the closet galleries on - they should give you some good ideas.
  5. Thanks guys, I need some ideas for bags, I will be getting an interior designer to build it in but I would prefer to design my own closet myself as I think the interior designer know nothing about displaying bags, but you guys should do, as this IS the purse forum...keke