Building a reputation with a SA. SA questions.


Nov 18, 2007
So I am kind of new here and am learning some great things from you guys. You are all honestly so nice and supportive of each other, it makes my buying habits seem justified! So, I am young (22) and kind of new to the game of buying designer stuff when it is not OMGBRANDNEW and from random, different places where building a relationship with a SA isn't really needed. I hear a lot of you girls have relationships with SA's at places like NM and Nordstrom and Barney's. How does one go about finding a SA at a store that you can trust and who will call you for sales or who you can call and find out information? I want to buy bags and I want to assure my SA that I will buy, but I obviously want to buy on the sale prices (pre-sales, etc.) So how do I cultivate a relationship prior to actually purchasing? Or is this silly?

And also, when you guys post pre-sale merchandise and SA contacts from stores around the country, does this mean if you call (and they charge your credit card) they will ship it to you if you are nowhere near that store? I am just trying to look for clarifcation on some of the stuff you guys talk about.

Thanks so much. I'm already honestly learning SO much and it's so fun on here!


Feb 23, 2006
For me, it was a natural progression. It was because I shopped so much that SAs would start recognizing me. We built a relationship from there. Usually it starts from buying a lot of things, but not always. A lot of SAs like people who are obviously interested in fashion/purses/etc. If you are enthusiastic and friendly, chances are, they will like you as a person and naturally start thinking about what you like, and call you when something you like is going on sale, or hold something for you for presale. The worst thing to do is pretend that you have a lot of money to spend if you don't, or be insincere in anyway, since you want to cultivate a relationship with this person. For me, I usually just go with the first SA that helps me. At "intimidating" stores (like Gucci), I've found that the other SAs are much friendlier if one SA knows you. Soon the whole store is friendly every time you step in, even just for a chat.


~Mind, Body, Soul~
Feb 23, 2007
Yes, my experience is similar to sonya's. I kept on showing up at NM so much that one of the SAs started to recognize me and come up to me every time I showed up and now, she calls me when sales are coming up. I told her that I want to be responsible and buy bags on sale, and she knows when I like, I'll buy (I have bought 4 bags from her last year, she made a nice little profit off of me). You'll feel it when you work with them. And if it doesn't pan out for you for one SA, what I did before is the first person who came up to me and was nice to me got my business. Hope that helps!


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Jun 6, 2006
Highland, Maryland
I, too, think it just develops after one or two purchases. The SA will ask if it's okay to contact you when they get something new in that he or she thinks you will like or to call you in advance of sales.

Along these same lines, today my SA from Bloomingdale's called me on my cell phone to tell me about some MJ bags that were on sale. My niece was standing there and completely cracked up! She said, "they sure do know you!" My handbag addiction has given me quite a reputation in my family. LOL!