Building a relationship with your SA

  1. Hi all.
    I live in Manhattan and visited the Soho Vuitton Store on Greene St just last week. I was just browsing and never bought anything but a very nice SA by the name of Patricia was helping me. I hope, when I'm ready to actually purchase my bag, that she will be there. She was very patient with me and suggested some very nice things.

    So I have to do you or did you build up a good relationship with your SA? Is it strictly on the volume of stuff you buy reaffirms that you will have a good relationship with your SA?

    Do any of you send thank you cards to YOUR SA?

  2. I usually don't send thank you notes to SAs, but when I met Laurence, he was soooo helpful and very patient. I went back three times to exchange bags, and he was always so nice and patient. He gave me his honest opinions on things, which I really appreciated. I was so impressed by his service, I just had to send him a thank you note.

    Even when I'm not in the market for a new LV, I'll just stop by and say hello when I happen to be at the mall. He's so entertaining and funny, so it's always fun to visit :P

    Just be friendly, SAs are people with feelings too... if you treat them with respect, they will be nice to you too (although I have to admit, I have encountered some *not so nice* SAs even when I was nice to them).
  3. I think it just depends...some SA's will treat you accoring to how much you buy, some are just really nice in general no matter what you do or don't buy and some are just plain nasty towards everyone.
  4. We SA's are people too, respect works both ways...And remember, we don't always like how some of our colleagues treat our customers.
  5. I love Patricia she is sooo nice! She helped me too last week.
  6. I think the best thing to do is find a good SA and try and make sure they always help you. Be nice to them and I'm sure they will be nice to you too! (once you've found a good SA of course, it does not apply to the mean ones!)
  7. Hehe, it's usually the other way round. My SA always sent thank you cards to me.
  8. Nice! Did you go on a Saturday???? That's the only time I ever go to the Soho location
  9. I went last week on thursday, the store close at 8 on thursday so it's tempting! Patricia is very nice, she is a little bit older than anybody else in this store and she is very patient.
  10. To me it's just about giving them my business, and I haven't sent THEM a thank you, but a note to the store regarding their service is a great idea. When I sold LV and high-end bags, anyone that got a favorable letter had it put in their file, and flowers were delivered to them while they were working on the floor.
  11. I don't send any thank you cards either
  12. I have a great SA. DH and I were so impressed with how helpful and nice she was that he called her manager and said what a wonderful experience we had. :flowers:
  13. No thank you cards to the SAs...they send me one.

    And I hate to use just one SA, although at one time when I ordered by SO Damier Speedy, the manager "Marie" at the Beverly Center store is just awesome. And I do go to her for special things I wonder about b/c most SAs give such retarded answers.....

    Besides, I am only interested in the Damier line so I pretty much walk in and catch whoever is available, get the item and leave quickly. I hate the crowds.....
  14. I agree some of the SA's have no lv knowledge not all but some of them. The last time I asked for the pastilles line the SA looked at me and said "sorry madam we don't carry those accessories, and it's not scheduled" then I asked for the miroir line and the guy said that it will be in Vernis shiny leather not in plastic, and we all know that the miroir line will be in plastic pffffff
  15. When I went in to LV manchester It had been the first time I had been in without one of my parents. I do not have a clue what my parents SA are called when they buy stuff for me I guess they use anyone. But I waited at the counter for about 8 mins and no one bothered with me until Sabastian came out and he said "hello sir, may I help you" a teenager I found this so polite to me as he could have been rude to me. He helped me choose my product and even insisted I came back when I made up my mind. i found this very helpful...also a lady who worked there (who seems likes shes sebastians friend) also helped me with sebastian and was talking to me about Damier which I thought was very nice of her to do, Sabastian and his lady colegue are about 26-30 years old. The manager of the store is a little older and seems to look down her nose at me...she even snubbed me when I smiled at her, I found this very un-polite and if It would have been normal staff and not the manager I would have probably have said someting.
    When I go back to buy and choose my big bag from LV I will snub the manager cause she will probably want a sale. That will make me feel good lol.